Monday, February 20, 2006

Gil, Gil, Gil. Don't you dare

Back to Gil we go. The jersey goes up for this one. Why? Cause right now I'm not happy with Meche. This is a big year for the man I cursed. As he puts it in this article on the M's official site:

"It's huge," he said. "It's the most important year of my career, so far."

Why? Also from the article:

The Mariners' perplexing right-hander qualifies for free agency at the end of the 2006 season and has the kind of stuff that could make him one of the most attractive starting pitchers on the market. Or, he could wallow in mediocrity, where he has resided much of his Major League career.

I swear, if Gil finally has a big season, and cashes in on it, I will be PISSED. A few things could happen, and here there are order from greatest to least based on potentially pissing me off:

1) Gil has the year we've been waiting for. 18 wins, 220 innings, 3.20 ERA. Something like that. He then signs a 4 year, $40 million deal with the M's and goes back to sucking.

2) Again, the big year. Except this time he signs that deal with the Yankees and earns every penny of it, turning into a perennial All-Star.

3) See situation 2, but change "Yankees" to "A's".

4) See situation 2, but change "Yankees" to "Angels".

5) You get the point.

So basically the only good thing that can come out of a career year for Gil Meche is for the light bulb to have finally come on, he re-signs with the M's, and goes on to have a great career in Seattle. Or, he could suck again and my jersey will become a novelty item.


  1. i don't even think gil has to have a great season to get overpaid next off-season. as long as he is around .500 and stays healthy - he is a young pitcher that everyone thinks is talented and he will make more than he will produce. a.j. burnett has never had a season like the one you described in situation 1, but he got better than 4 years and $40 million if i remember correctly. while gil doesnt have the rep that burnett had, he isnt so far off that someone wont overhype him to their fans then overpay for him to sell season tickets.

    however, i will say that situation 3 is unlikely - the a's aren't going to overpay for pitching on the free agent market, which is the only way to get a pitcher via free agency anymore.

  2. Actually, situation three would probably make happy because that would mean the A's have finally gotten stupid.

    Now that's a team the M's should model.


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