Monday, April 05, 2010

Ben Sheets? ...Uh, good luck dude.

Today is the first day of the rest of our Mariner Magic lives. Breathe it in.

No commentary needed, only the necessary information to enjoy this occasion:

  • Ben Sheets will take the mound at 7:05pm Pacific. Why does he bother? I'm not sure he even knows.
  • Felix, King of Mariners will take the mound some period of time after that.
  • Here is our our lineup, via Shannon Drayer:

RF Ichiro
2B Chone Figgins
1B Casey Kotchman
LF Milton Bradley
DH Ken Griffey Jr.
3B Jose Lopez
CF Franklin Gutierrez
C Rob Johnson
SS Jack Wilson

There you have it. May that lineup be remembered as the seminal list of an amazing season of baseball.

I won't bother posting Oakland's lineup. Frankly, I don't know it and I have to get to class. And does their lineup even matter? It's Felix.

See you after class. Get out at 7pm, and I will be scurrying to the nearest TV, unaware of the unsuspecting people I trample on the way.

Until then...

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  1. I watched the first few innings. Felix looked a little off but still did his thing. Gotta like the on-base skills Figgins and Bradley are already bringing.



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