Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Baseball's back!

Is there a better day than Opening Day? I don't think so. Especially when you're in grad school and don't have class until 4:40 PM and can watch real and fantasy baseball all day. I think when I do get a job again I'm taking Opening Day off every year.

I won't write a recap of Game 1. Go to Lookout Landing for that. Most important thing to take from Jeff's writeup:

Jim Joyce's strike zone wasn't helping matters, either. But this is the take-home message: on an off-day during which he struggled with his command, Erik Bedard allowed one run on five innings. He got a bunch of swinging strikes, kept the ball on the ground, and wasn't letting the hitters get good swings. This was an off-day. If for whatever reason you're still kind of skeptical about what Erik Bedard's going to bring to the team, get over it and hop on the wagon.

Bedard will be fine. The offense? That's going to be painful to watch at times this year. But, I did like that they drew seven walks and that Jose Lopez had the big hit. If the M's want to contend for anything, Lopez is one of the guys that needs to step up.

Felix tonight which makes me happy. What does not make me happy is that it doesn't start until 10 PM on the East Coast and I have to get up early tomorrow.

1-0! First place!

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  1. First place was nice while it lasted. I can see why you guys haven't been blogging. I haven't really felt like discussing the M's much so far this year... ick. Things were supposed to be so good this year. Shoot...

    What to do? What do you guys think?

    I don't know how much I could say it's McLaren's fault, given that it is hard to win games when nobody is hitting. The hitting is mostly just lousy so far. I was leery of McLaren getting the job to begin with; he was 43-41 after taking over a 45-33 team, and now he's 14-24 so far this year. Is he on the chopping block? For that matter, is Bavasi on the chopping block?

    I also wondered about the off-season signings of Wilkerson and Cairo. I thought Norton was not a bad signing. I was o.k. with Seattle dumping Wilkerson, but when they kept Cairo instead of Norton I was howling.

    I was glad to see them bring up Balentien and Clement, even if Wlad is just kind of holding his own and Clement is having a very rough time. I think these two kids will be fine. Any chance Reed will get promoted, or maybe traded? Supposedly the Padres are interested in acquiring a CF...

    I don't think Seattle would find a taker for Sexson, but help is definitely needed at 1B. Would they cut Sexson, keep him and try to get something for him at the trading deadline, or ????

    If things keep going like they are, will heads roll and will the team have a fire sale? Would a fire sale be a good thing if it's Bavasi running the show?

    There are so many questions. I don't know what to think about this year's team except that it is extremely frustrating!


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