Monday, July 02, 2007

Let the Buerhle rumblings begin...

Okay, maybe not technically begin. I'm sure it's been brought up before. But, Dave at USSMariner has brought up the Mark Buehrle trade talk. And I'm pretty sure I agree with him. Buerhle had a rough year in 2006, and I was thinking he may be on the decline, but, as Dave points out, he's bounced back this year. Maybe he's playing for contract and will regress again next year, but whatever-the M's probably won't re-sign him anyway.

By the way, does re-sign need to have a hyphen? I think so, because otherwise it becomes resign. Mike Hargrove resigned from his position as Mariners manager. Will the Mariners re-sign Ichiro? AAAAAAAANYWAY....

The most important point that Dave makes is this:

The Mariners wouldn’t be trading a package of prospects for three months of Mark Buehrle. The Mariners would be trading a package of prospects for three months of Mark Buehrle and another package of prospects.

If you're worried about giving up prospects for half a season from one guy, the draft pick compensation from those lost prospects should make you feel a little better. And the fact is, you never know what you're going to get out of prospects. I was pretty excited about the Freddy Garcia trade when it went down, but it's turned out to be a complete flop. The M's won't trade Adam Jones, so I say go for it.

Plus, I just made a trade to get Buerhle on my fantasy team, so making him a Mariner would give me double reason to root for the guy.

Thoughts on Buerhle from the 4 loyal Magic readers?


  1. i think if the m's can get buerhle without giving up any big prospects it would be a nice rent-a-player move to get the draft pick in return for losing him. but i wouldn't want to do it if we were giving up too much. without killing the optimism, i think the m's are kinda playing above their heads to stay in the playoff race now. if they come back to earth then buehrle won't make the difference. it's one thing to give up smoltz for doyle alexander if you make the playoffs. but if you don't it really sucks.

  2. True, but I think the area where they're playing the most above their heads is in the starting pitching. I mean, Weaver going 8 shutout innings? Feiraband shutting down the Red Sox? If they make the deal for Buerhle, then this run would be even more legitimate in my eyes. Stay hot until the deadline and I think it's a deal worth making. If they begin to fade, then, yeah, stand pat.

    On the flipside-what if they finish a game or two back of the playoffs and they didn't make deal? Wouldn't we be complaining that they should have made a trade like we did from 2000-2003?

  3. Neddy Ballgame2:58 PM

    I agree that the starting staff is a house fo cards right now--could crumble at any time--don't know enopugh about Buerhle nut not sure any pitcher we could get would really be the second coming in terms of making or breakking us for hte post-season---if he's cheap in terms of trade,why not try it--is he better than Baek or Ramirez??..probably so ..what do we do wiht them when they get off DL?...glad we're able to ahve this discussion...means we're in the hunt !!


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