Wednesday, April 11, 2007


Up yours Dice-K.

I love stats. I really do. I'm no sabermetrician, but I'd rather hear about stats than grit. But, not tonight.

Felix. Hernandez. He did things tonight that trump any statistical measurement. He took Dice-K, ESPN, obnoxious Red Sox fans, and the entire nation and slapped them across the face. Then he stole their lunch money and ran away with their girlfriends. Then he dropped out of school and started his out business. And that business was dominance. Then he took dominance public and became the richest man ever. Then he bought the world and sold it to himself. Then he put the world in a little box and carried it in his coat pocket. Right next to his monacle. Then he had God paint a portrait of himself while he ate the world like a grape. Then he beat the Red Sox.

The Mariners are going to contend this year. And Felix Hernandez is why. He takes all of Jose Vidro's badness and farts it onto his recliner while playing NCAA Football 2007. I don't care how garbage-like the rest of the pitchers are. You can't be a professional athlete on the same team as F-F-F-Felix and not step up your game. and if you don't, go amateur.

I'm fired up!


  1. Neddy Ballgame8:01 PM

    Now ,I must admit I never tried LSD..but..did Mike L drop some before he wrote this post !!!!!....John who wrote the Apocalypse has nothing on Mike L...I almost died laughing... Felix is not only the KING he is the MAN!!!!

  2. I was on FSD. Felix......SD. What does LSD stand for anyway?

  3. Neddy Ballgame8:18 PM

    LSD =

    guess I was dating myself by referring to LSD...but Mike L did seem to be hallucinating

  4. What an amazing performance. I watched the last couple of innings with my friend from Iowa, who was getting the game there on ESPN2 and called me after the seventh inning because he couldn't believe how good Felix is. How anyone can throw a slider that fast with so much movement on it is incredible... and how fast his curve is... just incredible.

    It makes me sad that the rest of our starting rotation is potentially outhouse material, but maybe they will be inspired by Felix' performance and step up their own performances a bit. We can hope so! At least Felix will be a "must-watch" IMO every time he pitches, and that will probably end up going for not just us Mariner fans, but for lots of fans of the game itself who just like to watch a great player do his thing! Someone like him doesn't come along very often.

  5. I'm still all flustered, it was so incredible. And i hate the new color guy he completly jinxed flix.

  6. maaaah11:03 AM

    the new guy is an idiot. we about fell off the couch when he started talking about the "no-no"..and he must have referred to it 80 times. it sounded like blowers wanted to punch him in the face. i think i'd rather have "red" or even valle.

  7. Are you talking about Dave Sims? I only heard him a little on XM on day. Seemed okay, but that no-hitter thing is terrible.


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